Team Members

David Kriparos

Senior at George Mason university Studying Biomedical engineering. After graduation, would like to get involved in prosthetic development or robotics control. Enjoys working hands on with circuitry and mechanical systems in order to achieve the desired goal. Main contribution to the team is maintaining robot functionality and improving design while aiding with coding.


Shaza Ali
Shaza is a senior student at George Mason University’s Volgenau School of Engineering, pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biomedical engineering with a concentration in signals and systems and graduating in May 2018. She was awarded on the Spring of 2017 a scholarship from the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) and currently working on a research project as an undergraduate researcher with Dr. Laurence Bray on The Effect of High School Mathematics and Testing on College Engineering Performance. She plans on working in the biomedical engineering industry following her graduation from George Mason University. Outside of her education, She enjoys swimming and reading.


Muhannad Alharthi 

Muhannad Alharthi is an undergraduate bioengineering student with a concentration in pre-health at George Mason University. He will be the mechanical Engineer, and programmer in our project. After graduation, he will be applying for biomedical engineering graduate school at Rice University, Texas. He hopes to pursue his career in a biomedical company.


James Cameron

James Cameron is currently a senior undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering with a concentration in Biomedical Signals and Systems at George Mason University. His biomedical interests includes Biomechanics, Biomaterial Science, and Robotics. After graduation, He intends to earn his PhD in Robotics. He believes that his skills are best applied to advancing prosthetic technologies, especially in how they invasively interface with biological systems. Currently, he is participating in the robotics division for his team’s project.


Neloufar Loghmani

Neloufar Loghmani is a Senior majoring in Bioengineering with concentration in Signals and Systems at George Mason University. Fields of interest include biomechanics, prosthetics, and robotics. She plans to one day get a masters in Bioengineering, and obtain employment within one of her fields of interest.


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