A lumbar laminectomy procedure involves the removal of the lamina to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord. Bowel/bladder incontinence, neuropathy, and extreme back pain are symptoms evoked by spinal compression. The current method of surgery involved a rongeur or a hand held drill. The problems with the current methods is the lack of visibility and accuracy. The rongeur is a device that is used for gouging out bone from the spinal column. Conversely, there is a lack of visibility when performing the surgery with a hand held drill. The surgical incision is small and can easily be covered by the surgeons hand. This means the surgeon has no visibility when cutting through the lamina and performs the surgery using a stop-and-go method. Both these methods are susceptible failed spinal surgery e.g., dura mater tears.  Our team is providing a solution to by creating a robot capable of performing the laminectomy procedure with real-time footage.